EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System

Our EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System brings high-performance, automated imaging right to the lab bench. Available views include 2X, 20X, 40X and 60X. We can use it for fluorescence research applications with DAPI, RFP, Texas Red and GFP LED light cubes.The EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System was designed with advanced capabilities to simplify demanding cell-based imaging applications—includingtime-lapse live-cell imaging, image tiling, and Z-stacking.

Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS system

Much of our proteomics analysis is carried out on the Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS system with Advanced Ion Management Technology (AIM+) with the new QR5 segmented quadrupole mass filter, Real-Time Search, Enhanced Vacuum Technology, and High Mass Range MSn (HMRn ) mode. This is a state of art mass spectrometer that enables us to identify and quantify peptides, proteins, and small molecules for both unbiased and targeted approaches with high resolution and accuracy.

NanoTemper Tycho NT.6

The NanoTemper Tycho NT.6 provides information regarding presence, purity, concentration and functionality of label-free proteins. This easy to use instrument can analyze under native conditions and can generate data in less than 5 minutes.

Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD5

The SpectraMax® iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is a five-mode microplate reader that measures absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), and tunable fluorescence polarization (FP) read modes. It can also measure bottom-read luminescence, TR-FRET, HTRF®, BRET, dual luciferase reporter assays with injectors, and western blot detection. SpectraMax® iD5 features temperature control up to 66°C, linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking, and detection of plate formats from 6- to 384-wells. It also includes SoftMax Pro 7 Software for quick and reliable data analysis.

QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR

Real Time PCR provides analyses of gene expression, mutation detection, enzymes and protein expression This high-performance benchtop instrument can detect differences as small as 1.5-fold in target quantities in singleplex reactions The QuantStudio 5 System provides 96-well and 384-well format options, allowing a range of detection chemistries and assay multiplexing. The 96-well format has 6 excitation filters (450–680 nm) and 6 emission filters (500–730 nm), and the 384-well format has 5 excitation filters (450–650 nm) and 5 emission filters (500–700 nm).

ImageXpress Micro Confocal

Wide-field and Confocal High Content Screening for HTS Data capture is accomplished with our environment controlled ImageXpress Micro Confocal automated microscope. This instrument enables us to collect images from a wide variety of cell sample types and modalities: Slides and plates, 6 to 384 wells, thin to thick plate bottoms, Low- to high-profile, glass to plastic. It has a high-speed laser auto-focus and fully automated X-Y sample stage and Z focus stage with resolution greater than 100 nm. Individual cellular fluorescence intensity and localization are analyzed with MetaExpress software and AcuityXpress software. We can use this instrument for live cell time-lapse imaging with up to 60x objectives. It can capture high quality images of whole organisms, thick tissues, 2D and 3D models, and cellular or intracellular events

BioTek Synergy Neo

Our High Throughput Screening Reader is a BioTek multi-mode microplate reader, the Synergy™ Neo, with multiple parallel detectors for ultra-fast measurements and a dedicated filter-based system for live cell assays and biochemical. Equipped with an automated plate stacker (Biotek), our detection options include: Fluorescence/Time Resolved Fluorescence/ Fluorescence Polarization/ Luminescence/ UV.

BioTek EL406 Pump Dispenser & Microplate Stacker

The Biotek EL406 microplate washer/dispenser with an Automated BioStack Microplate Stacker is used to wash and dispense reagents for multiple step, cell-based assays in 384 well plates. The automatable multichannel peristaltic pump dispenser provides us with precise and accurate, 5 - 2,500 µL, low to high flow rates for high throughput screening with a variety of chemical and cell based assays in low volume 384- and 96-well microplates.

NanoTemper Dianthus NT.23PicoDuo

The Nanotemper Diantus NT.23PicoDuo can measure affinities with highest sensitivity (picomolar to millimolar), and drug discovery screening within 30 minutes. It can find hits for any target type in any buffer or bioliquid and consume the smallest amount of your target and library compounds. With its built-in Dianthus DI.Screening Analysis software, it can generate automated screening summaries, ranking tables, and histograms.

Precision Series Pipettor

The BenchTop Precision Series Pipettor from Sequence Biotech is a 96-channel semi-automated liquid handling device for pipetting 5–250µl into 96- and 384-well plates. This versatile instrument accelerates liquid transfers in cell culture, plate replication, plate reformatting, adding reagents and compounds, multi-step dispensing, and mixing with variable volumes and cycles. We use it to transfer compounds from 96 well stock plates into either 96 well or 384 well assay plates as it enables precise control in aspirating and dispensing volumes.

Biotek MultiFlo Microplate dispenser

Our Biotek MultiFlo Microplate dispenser is used to dispense cells and reagents into 6- to 384-well microplates in tissue culture hoods. The peristaltic pump has a prime volume under 1 mL and a volume range selectable from 500 nL to 3 mL increments for accurate and precise reagent delivery.

Bio-Rad Gradient Pump and Fraction Collector for protein purification

Another recent purchase is the simple but programmable Bio-Rad gradient pump and fraction collector with available flow rates of 0.01-20 ml/min/channel via time or volume units. This system is capable of start/stop/purge/divert and reverse flow functions. Currently operating in our 4 degrees Celsius cold room, the gradient pump is fitted to 1-80 separation Fraction Collector useable in time or drop mode increments of less than 50ul up to 9 ml fractions.

GE Healthcare AKTA Design System for Biomolecule Purification and Analytic Analysis

We employ an AKTA purifier 10 plus system with an autosampler (GE Healthcare) for protein purification and analysis of protein complex formation. The systems includes liquid chromatography with a binary high performance gradient pump, multi-wavelength UV-Vis wavelength monitor, and UV absorption, conductivity and PH monitor completely integrated and computer controlled with an autosampler and Fraction Collector. Self-contained in a temperature controlled enclosure, automatic sampling and injection is programmable from 1ul to 1ml with automated collection of waste, wash, buffer, effluent complete with a methods wizard option for creation of purification protocols.

Biorad NGC Quest 100 Plus Chromatography System

We use the Biorad NGC Quest 100 Plus system with Jasco FP-4020 for protein purification and analysis of protein complex formation. The systems includes liquid chromatography with a binary high performance gradient pump, multi-wavelength UV-Vis wavelength monitor, and UV absorption, conductivity and PH monitor completely integrated. Additional features include enclosed NGC fraction collector with peltier cooling system, and ChromLab method editor and integrated data analysis.

Bio-Rad Touch Imaging System system

Very compact, this imaging system is our go-to for high-sensitivity protein and DNA gel documentation and western blot imaging using application-specific trays. Exposure time is readily adjustable via the touch screen interface, making clear, fast, reliable, and sensitive imaging and documentation of gels and chemiluminescence western blots. This system is compatible with stain-free technology, chemiluminescence detection, and a variety of gel stains such as ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie, and silver stains.

iCELLis® Nano High-cell density small-scale Bioreactor

Our iCELLis Nano bioreactor is a benchtop unit for biologics production and scale process development tool. Biomass bed (pre-packed ATMI proprietary carriers) height remains constant as scale increases, only the diameter increases to scale up volume. Media mixing with magnetic impeller provides low cell shear stress and evenly distributed media circulation in a total working volume of 1L.. This allows for control of typical growth parameters.

  • Temperature control ensured by water loop to bioreactor double jacket,
  • DO control: gas exchange through a falling film or waterfall giving Bubble free, Optimal gas transfer without sparging, high oxygenation capacity and improved CO2 stripping.
  • pH regulation: base addition and CO2 exchange through headspace.
  • Gas flow control by 4 multi-channel process control system .

Culture supernatant sampling is possible with disturbing the system via the port located on the lid. In-line pH, DO and biomass measurement enables process insight and control. BioXpert, Supervisory Control And Data Monitoring (SCADA) software gives remote access on the control unit enabling control recipes and alarms recording, data storage and export, data and alarm back-up with all changes in setup/parameters recorded and identified. Off-line measurements are added to the process data for calculations and process control system.

T100™ Thermal Cycler

Chou lab uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sequencing, cloning, gene expression analysis, genotyping, mutagenesis, and many other applications. Our 2 Bio Rad T100 Thermal cyclers are compact bench top units with intuitive touch-screen user interface and thermal gradient technology to quickly optimize the reactions in a single run. They have 96-well blocks compatible with standard height tubes, tube strips, and plate able to run sample volumes of 1-100 uL.

EVOS® XL Core Imaging System

Small and light enough to use both inside and outside a BioSafety Cabinet, our all-in-one EVOS XL system produces high-definition images using and integrated transmitted-light (brightfield and phase contrast) inverted imaging system combining high-quality optics, a high-resolution LCD display, and a digital color camera. Available views include 2X, 4X, 10X and 40X and a mechanical stage with X-Y axis controls and vessel holder enabling a broad range of applications including, routine cell and tissue culture visualization and imaging, stem cell applications, and sample staining differentiation (such as Gram staining).

We also use EVOS XL for fluorescence research applications with DAPI, RFP and GFP LED light cubes.

HM 525NX Cryostat

The thermo scientific HM 525 NX Cryostat includes a user friendly touch screen and reliable stepper motor technology for sectioning. This temperature controlled chamber can cool down until -35 ºC and has a automatic specimen retractor.

Eppendorf Innova S44i

The Innova® S44i Biological Shaker features a touchscreen interface for a quick operation, tracking, and status updates, and new shaker technology for growing cultures. We use the shaker mainly to grow bacterial cultures using 5mL to 2L flasks. The top shaker minimum temperature is 30ºCwhile the bottom shaker can reach until 4ºC.